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Гумени дръжки EXTREME


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Гумени дръжки EXTREME

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L=115 mm HALF WAFFLE Medium - Gold, logo Stefan Everts S72; * ARIETE official grip of STEFAN EVERTS, 10 times World Champion, and CEDRIC MELOTTE. It has been projected in co-operation with the 2 riders, to meet the needs of professional racers on the basis of their own feedback and suggestions. The targets are: Comfort, Ergonomics and Safety. Thanking to specific details they reduce riding stress, combat blistering on the fingers and the palms of the hands, and provide a firmer grip. Available in soft version (Stefan Everts) and firm version (Cédric Melotte). Mat.: SEBS


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Гумени дръжки EXTREME

Гумени дръжки EXTREME

Гумени дръжки EXTREME

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