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Гумени дръжки ATV -Ariete Преглед отблизо

Гумени дръжки ATV -Ariete

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Гумени дръжки ATV -Ariete

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Гумени дръжки ATV -Ariete

ATV-Quad-Cycle Grips:
- micro-pyramid pattern provides firm safe grip
- palm in legendary Supersoft material
- critical finger-grip area with half-waffle surface
- minimal inner flange
- anatomically profiled cut-out for thumb and forefinger
- outer flange pre-marked for piercing with a cutting guide for use with all-round hand guards
- two grooves for steel wire give extra security
- anatomical outer flange for lateral hold - slimline profile

L. 125 mm - 4 7/8” -- Diam: 22-22 - 7/8”-7/8” ; L. 85 mm. 3 3/8”

02620: 1 Material 


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Гумени дръжки ATV -Ariete

Гумени дръжки ATV -Ariete

Гумени дръжки ATV -Ariete

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