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RACE REPLICA GOGGLES: Ariete celebrates cooperation with some of our TOP riders by issuing replicas of their customized goggles.
We have IVAN CERVANTES (3x enduro world champ), YVES DEMARIA (3x MX3 world champ) and DAVID PHILIPPAERTS (MX world championship). This is the top model of the Ariete range, aimed at the enthusiast who enjoys owning the best. Main features:
• Elastic and tough frame in PUR.
• Surface treatment with special effects.
• Anti –UV colours.
• Lens in Lexan® silver mirror, anti-fog and anti-scratches treatment, no pins.
• Compatible with the whole range of Ariete accessories.
• Four-layer face foam for a perfect fitting made up with:1 expanded PUR layer with slow memory open cells + 1 technical foam layer with closed cells + 1 super soft technical foam layer with open cells + 1 red-coloured no allergenic pile layer in contact with the skin.
• Rubber fibre elastic band with + 3 anti-slip silicone stripes.
Lexan® is the registered trade mark of General Electric Company.

The Ariete Ventilation System uses carefully chosen areas for the intake and exhaust of cooling air. Airflow from the goggles, whose upper front profile is specially lowered to aid this process, enters the collecting vents at the front of the helmet, flows across the rider’s head, and leaves the back of the helmet in a continuous process. Maximised comfort.

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